Make better decisions

Think of your decision-making like this: In every area of your life you have a goal or something you want to achieve. For example you might want to be successful, get a promotion and double your current salary by the end of the year — or you might simply want to kill your neighbour’s noisy dog (but don’t!).

Imagine your goal as a point on a map. There are many ways to get to this point, and you make decisions on how to get there. So you start walking in a certain direction towards your goal. Whenever you reach a crossroad and must make a decision,your emotions, experiences, values and thoughts are all tugging you in different directions.

For example, one feeling might try pulling you toward the road on the left, while the logical and analytical part of your mind pulls you toward the road on the right. If you feel deeply about a certain topic or many feelings are involved, this tugging and pulling can feel like getting beat up or torn apart. You might also feel like you are stuck or confused when several forces pull you in different directions. Those are the times when you are unable to make a decision.

The JU Psychology Essentials Course helps you understand what is pushing and pulling you around whenever you face a decision. It helps you organize those unruly forces (or slap them into place!). Part of this is training your awareness and detecting faulty thinking. This can help you get unstuck and make decisions faster and better because you can see the whole picture without being too deeply involved.

When you learn to understand your own unique processes influencing your decision-making, you feel more at home with yourself. Your thoughts and feelings stop tugging and pulling and stay still so you can look at them and decide what you want to do. You are more confident about making well-informed decisions and about seeing clearly what matters.