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  • The Cunning Pantyhose!

    This is a mad funk and superhero mix. Some rare and fine funk tracks from all around the world, our two favorite pantyhose heros and lots of madness in this one. Please do relax in the way you prefer. Recreational drugs welcome.

    Download (mp3 / 57.4mb / 1:02 hours)
  • 80s Synthesizer Bombs

    Get your space suit out and descent to your underground rocket base. This is the fuel that people used to fly on in the 80s!

    Download (mp3 / 59mb / 1:04 hours)
  • Rare Oldschool cHip cHop

    Hip hop was part of me growing up and I do like a few of the older rap tracks. This is a selection of some more underground and rare oldschool hip hop tracks. I do not like current rap music and I basically do not listen to it anymore.

    Download (mp3 / 103mb / 1:30 hours)
  • DNB Fitness

    It’s Drum ‘n’ Bass! So do not listen to this with your tiny laptop speakers. We need subwoofers for this one or mighty fine headphones! I listen to this while running, it might make you want to run faster than you can but yeah.

    Download (mp3 / 70mb / 1:15 hours)

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