What I look forward to for my new old life in Thailand

After trying Germany for 1.5 years I move back to Thailand where I lived for over 6 years before. This time we plan to build a house and maybe a small meditation retreat somewhere in the woods. I look forward to this new challenge.

I also look forward to live a more minimal life. When we came back to Germany we bought only what we needed, always with the idea of keeping things simple in mind. But I still feels that I own too many things.

My wife and me look forward to focus on doing things we truly love. We plan on having a workshop area where we can craft some things and when the meditation retreat takes shape we are looking forward to create a beautiful environment for people to practice mindfulness.

Besides that its great to save our money and put it into something that we can keep. A real place, a real home, our space. The area where we plan to move to also offers affordable land, so owning a decent sized plot is absolutely an option. This also means we can landscape and garden like crazy and our plan is to also grow our own organic vegetables with the help of some local farmers.

Finding the right plot, getting through the bureaucracy jungle and having good neighbors who do not plan to open a pig farm or karaoke bar will be the first challenges we face. After that, building a well designed house with good passive cooling comes next.

Before that I will spend some more time hiking and going on some meditation retreats. We kick this project off sometime in September this year.