Why I semi-retire from Facebook

Facebook is awesome for what it is and I will keep using it to stay in touch with people. For sharing stuff and keeping a sort of diary like I did in the “pre Facebook era” on bangkokstories.com and coolkurt.com Facebook isnt the right platform for me.

I switched to Facebook because it was easy and convenient to post my mobile phone photos there. It was more convenient than emailing them to my blog, plus of course there were more people on Facebook which made sharing life there more interesting for some time.

At the end of the day I chronicle my life for myself though. I did this before Facebook and will continue doing it here.

Music and media links go in the sidebar, I can do whatever media mashups I want and can keep the overall design and user experience pleasant. Less Facebook blue and pointless ads are nice too.

I love going back to my own website.

So yeah!